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Sheet Tower

A stack of steel-cartridge layers for storing sheet-like (flat and large) raw materials. The cartridges can be lifted out by lift trucks for transportation of material to different locations. 

The cartridges housed within the sheet tower can support a capacity of 5000 lbs, facilitating heavy-duty storage of diverse sheet-like materials. Notably, this sheet tower offers 200% the capacity of a standard racking system, emphasizing its exceptional heavy-duty storage capabilities.

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  • Standard capacity:

    Up to 5000 pounds per cartridge.

  • Racking Comparison:

    200% more capacity than standard pallet or cantilever racking..

  • Storage versatility:

    Various sheet-like raw material can be stored in the tower.

  • Safe Transport:

    Cartridge lips that ensure materials do not fall off when transported by lift truck.

  • Easy Access:

    Cartridge has fork pockets for ease of access by forklifts.

Sheet Tower - Specifications

Sheet Tower Specifications

Organizational Benefits for Workspaces

The Sheet Tower replaces pallets and clutter, making things tidier and better. It doubles storage space, letting you store more things. 

This helps you work faster and safer. With more floor space available, people can move around better and safer too. You can even add more machines to make more stuff in the same space, boosting productivity.

Sheet Tower Roll Out Rack

Storage Capacity Table

HeightCartridge quantity (given 4inches of free space)Height of last levelTotal Capacity
1231411170,000 lbs
1391612780,000 lbs
1551814390,000 lbs
17120159100,000 lbs
17921167105,000 lbs
19523183115,000 lbs
20324191120,000 lbs
21926207130,000 lbs
23528223140,000 lbs
24329231145,000 lbs
25130239150,000 lbs

Sheet Tower Cartridge

Cartridge Advantages

  • Protection for Materials:

    Steel cartridges protect inventory, preventing damage and potential harm from sharp edges and corners.
  • Secure Transport:

    Cartridges feature lips on three sides to secure materials during transport via lift trucks, ensuring stability.
  • Easy Handling:

    Fork pockets integrated into each cartridge facilitate effortless access using forklifts, streamlining operations.
  • Reduced Mess, Reduced Risk:

    Utilizing cartridges minimizes material debris on the shop floor, mitigating injury risks for workers.
Sheet Tower Cartridge

Dimension of InventoryAvailable Space on CartridgeSheet Tower Parameters
Length (in)Width (in)Length (in)Width (in)Length (in)Width (in)

Sheet Tower - The Depalletizer

Transfer raw materials on pallets with ease 

The depalletizer features a distinctive pin table structure with wheels underneath, enabling a seamless transfer of raw materials into the sheet tower cartridges for storage. 

Depalletizer sheet tower

Dimensions of MaterialDepalletizer Dimensions
ModelLength (in)Width (in)Length (in)Width (in)

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