Vertical Sheet Rack

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Vertical Sheet Rack

The Vertical Sheet Rack enables upright storage of materials of various sizes and shapes. Effortlessly slide sheet-like materials into roll-out vertical drawers for convenient storage and quick access.

Commonly used to store cut (partial/leftover) pieces, but depending on your operations, you can use it for raw materials that are sheet-like and are better stored and accessed vertically.

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  • Standard capacity:

    Up to 1500 pounds per cart 

  • Visible Storage:

    Easily identify product for convenient access. 

  • Quick Material Access:

    Swiftly retrieve sheets from the fully extendable drawer on the rack. 

  • Drawer Quantity:

    Each section boasts 3 to 20 roll-out drawers, ensuring ample storage. 

  • Diverse Sizes:

    Choose from eight (8) models, offering various sizes from 6’ x 4’ to 12’ x 5’. 

Vertical Sheet Rack - Specifications

Vertical Sheet Rack

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