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Heavy-Duty Industrial Shelving Storage

There are many considerations when it comes to selecting the appropriate shelving units for your warehouse or storage facility. It’s important to take into account the product or materials being stored, the required capacity, accessibility, ease of assembly and reconfiguration, and overall safety of your staff and stock. 

We can come to your facility, learn your requirements, and assist in choosing the best shelving for your application.

Heavy-duty boltless shelving units with a maximum width of 48″. Metal shelves are strong, durable, can be cleaned easily and are resistant to liquids, oils, and corrosives that damage wooden shelves. It’s the preferred choice in heavy-duty applications.

Compatible with Integrated Modular Drawers.

Widespan shelving is heavy-duty storage shelves option with shelf widths from 36” to 96”. It offers boltless construction, utilizing metal posts and beams with steel, wire mesh or wooden shelf options. Widespan shelving is excellent for storing wider items.

Compatible with Integrated Modular Drawers.

Metro has been the industry standard in wire shelving since 1965. Wire shelving is available in a variety of materials/finishes and is ideal when cleanliness and air circulation are important.

High bay shelving is most commonly used for extreme variation in products with limited space. It’s able to achieve up to 40 feet in height by specially designed frames.

Most shelving types can be incorporated into a Mobile Track System. These combine moveable aisles and stationary end units to put every inch of storage space to work. Using overhead or floor-mounted track, aisles can be moved and used as storage space, improving capacity by more than 36%.

Carton flow systems reduce walk time and separate pickers from stockers. This can dramatically increase productivity, improve pick accuracy and optimize workflow. 


Let us help with your industrial shelving storage requirements.

We can help you through the process of selecting the appropriate style and capacity of shelving you’ll need for your facility or warehouse. Send us your requirements to get the conversation started today.