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World-leading Industrial robotics have arrived

cam|industrial brings industrial robotic solutions from ABB Robotics for manufacturing, fabrication, welding, food processing, assembling, packaging, palletizing, electronics, and logistics to Alberta. Implementation of robotics-based automation solutions have proven to increase output and product quality, while reducing downtime, operating costs and labour. The latest technical advances have made robotics suitable for a range of applications and budgets.

Why Industrial Robotics?

  • Proven technology in many industries
  • Cost declining, increased adoption of robotics
  • Improved safety, efficiency and quality control

Why ABB Industrial Robotics?

  • Industry Pioneer & Leader
  • Easy to use RobotStudio Software & PowerPacs
  • Customized Robotics for any application

Why cam|industrial?

  • Alberta’s Value Provider of ABB Robotics
  • Industry Expertise with 24/7 Support
  • Building partnerships for long-term success

Industry Solutions

With high demand and strict hygienic requirements, your products need to reach the market safely, quickly, and efficiently. ABB robots are flexible, fast and customizable, designed to for many processes within the food and beverage industry. Increase productivity and optimize end product quality with ABB Robotics from cam|industrial.

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ABB has revolutionized robotic picking, packing and palletizing automation for the flexibility, productivity, and reliability you need in your facility.

Meet the demands of short product life cycles, new packaging designs, different pack sizes and product variants and batch manufacturing. Their latest products include two new palletizing robots, three palletizing grippers and easy-to-use programming software. Make palletizing simpler, faster and more efficient with ABB Robotics and cam|industrial.

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Any welding process can be optimized with the use of ABB Robotics. With proven experience and success, we can offer the robotic equipment, parts, and software to seamlessly integrate automation into your manufacturing process. Increase the efficiency of welding applications to manufacture more parts in less time, while minimizing scrap, increase quality and improve safety in processes. With the help of ABB Robotics and cam|industrial we can implement the perfect solution for your application.

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Arc Welding Equipment
Spot Welding Equipment
Workpiece Positioners
Track Motion
Motor and Gear Units
Welding Software

We offer industrial robotics for large metal fabricators and small-scale shops with specialized processes, technology, and software. Each solution is tailored to your application, increasing efficiency in cutting, forming, inspecting, welding and material handling processes. Enhance quality, productivity, and flexibility in your production line with ABB Robotics and cam|industrial.

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Inspection & Measuring
Welding & Joining
Material Handling
Surface Treatment & Finishing

With more than 10 years of experience in the 3C sector, ABB Robotics are leaders in helping top 3C brands and ODM/OEM manufacturers to increase their productivity a with wide variety of robotic applications and superior technology and software.

Robotics can produce plastic or metal cases through grinding, deburring, deflashing and polishing along with assembling, testing, inspecting, and packaging finished goods. ABB robots are capable of machine tending and picking and placing applications.

Transition to the next level of productivity with ABB Robotics and cam|industrial.

Whether you are using traditional plastic resin or a large complex process using advanced composites, we can design a robotic solution for your application, flexible enough to work with your production process. We offer 3-axis gantry automation or 6-axis robotic solutions for many processes in the automotive, packing, medical devices, and electronics industries. You can depend on ABB Robotics and cam|industrial to have the expertise and experience to find the right solution for you.

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Flaming & Painting
Assembly & Inspection
Machine Tending
Cutting & Finishing
Gluing & Dispensing

Keep up with modern processes and boost efficiency in your production lines with industrial robotics from ABB. See rapid return on investment and an increase in safety for material handling, packaging, palletizing, painting, and finishing with fully automated production lines. With the help of ABB Robotics, cam|industrial can create an optimized and automated solution for your production processes.

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Material Handling
Packaging & Palletizing
Painting & Coatings
Polishing, Sanding & Finishing

RobotStudio is offline programming and simulation software that controls your robotics from a PC without shutting down your production. Coupled with the 3D printing PowerPac, you can advance and optimize your digital manufacturing processes efficiently.  

The 3D Printing PowerPac allows you to upload your CAD files and move to the final modeling stage of  production in just 30 minutes. Working with any standard slicer software to translate the g-code, RobotStudio and the 3D Printing PowerPac allows you to visually simulate the entire printing process.

Alberta’s ABB Value Provider for Robotics

cam|industrial focuses on building long term relationships by working closely with customers to put in place only the most efficient and cost-effective solutions that will achieve measurable results. Our knowledgeable team provides on-the-ground supply and support to help with every step, ensuring implementation is on track, downtime is minimized and maximum value is gained. 

As Alberta’s value provider of ABB Robotics, we are committed to implementing smart, safe and innovative solutions that improve your facility’s productivity.


ABB is a pioneer and leading global supplier of industrial robots and robot software, equipment and complete application solutions with more than 400,000 robots installed in 53 countries around the world. As a global brand, ABB is known for outstanding product quality, first class engineering and technical support from the broadest service network in the industry. Visit ABB Robotics to view their complete offering. 



With a flexible design approach and a wide range of robot sizes and types, we can tailor a solution to suit your application. We also provide training, parts, field service, rebuilding and refurbishment and 24-hour assistance.

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