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Packing Automation

Packing robots are designed for both primary and secondary packaging and can quickly and efficiently move a variety of items into boxes. Whether you have smaller boxes needing to be packed into larger ones (robot-based case packing) or many items picked simultaneously with the aid of grippers and then packed (racetrack packing), implementing packing automation will greatly boost productivity on your packing lines. 

The new 4-axis IRB 260 robot is sutable for most applications and features a 30kg payload capacity. Standard 6-axis robots are suitable for more versatility. ABB also has a unique vision-aided conveyor tracking that allows for continuous production flow.

We take the time to customize each packing robotic implementation to meet your unique process and demands. Contact us today to get the conversation started.

The Quick Cure

A new robotic packaging cell at pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca’s plant in Södertälje, Sweden is helping get allergy medicine to market faster.


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