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Palletizing Automation

The demands to place boxes, trays, bags, bottles or any other items with precision and agility can be challenging. Maximize your palletizing speed and care of handling with automated solutions from Cam | Industrial and ABB Robotics. Together we offer a variety of robots capable of high-speed bag and case palletizing and the software to program your palletizing systems.

Each palletizing cell is designed to match your specific needs and can be used in basic or high speed applications. It’s versatile enough to handle multiple conveyors in and out and agile enough to build up to four pallets simultaneously. The FlexGrippers end of arm tooling are selected based on your application. The Clamp is available in two sizes for cases, the Claw is heavy duty for high-speed bag palletizing and the Vacuum can handle up to five products at a time. 

Clamp FlexGripper

Claw FlexGripper

Vacuum FlexGripper

Robotstudio Palletizing PowerPac

A revolutionary new program from ABB makes programming robot palletizing systems easier than ever before.


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With a flexible design approach and a wide range of robot sizes and types, we can tailor a solution to suit your application. We also provide training, parts, field service, rebuilding and refurbishment and 24-hour assistance.