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Picking Automation

When it comes to picking automation, there is no lack of experience from ABB in implementing efficient packaging line robotics. The second generation IRB 360 FlexPicker is a high speed delta robot that allows for increased payload and a smaller footprint within your picking and packaging processes. For more flexibility, the 6-axis IRB 1200  FlexPicker will keep up with less demanding cycle times and payloads of up to 7 kg and the IRB 1600 offers up to a 10 kg payload. 

Each picking robotic implementation is unique to your process and demands. We work closely to design an automated system that will suit your product, your process and your layout. Contact us today to get the conversation started. 

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IRB 360

IRB 1200

IRB 1600

Picking Pizza Picker

A good pizza maker is hard to find. For an industrial pizza producer, making the pizza is only the first part of the problem. It must be frozen, sorted, wrapped and packaged in accordance with regulations for freshness and hygiene, and must not lose its attractiveness during this process.


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