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Start-to-Finish Pallet Rack Installations

Our crews are highly experienced with both roll formed and structural racking and all types of pallet racking systems and brands. Our racking installation projects have ranged from erecting a few bays for a local retailer to contract work for large multi-national racking manufacturers involving several million pounds of steel.

Racking systems are governed under CSA and the installation must meet the specific tolerances and standards to be safe. Two CSA standards apply to pallet racking, CSA A344.1-05 User Guide for Steel Storage Racks, and CSA A344.2-05 Standard for the Design and Construction of Steel Storage Racks.

If your municipality requires a permit for the racking system then City Inspectors will review the system, to ensure it meets code, before approving your permit and allowing it to be used. We can provide professional pallet racking inspections to verify that the racking had been installed correctly and according to engineered drawings.

We will also reconfigure or relocate your existing system. If you have an upcoming warehouse move, we can tear down your existing racking, bundle, ship, and reinstall your racking system at your new location. We can also help coordinate the logistics of the move and manage the permitting process for you as required.

Mezzanine Installation

Mezzanines typically support people and materials. Proper installation is critical for safety reasons and therefore they should only be erected by qualified installers. With over 35 years’ experience in the industry, our crews are capable of installing structural mezzanines as well as shelving supported and rack supported mezzanines and catwalks systems. If you have an upcoming warehouse move, we can tear down your mezzanine, bundle, ship, and reinstall it at your new location. We can also help coordinate the logistics of the move and manage the permitting process for you as required.

Racking with conveyor

Shelving Installation

Our installation crews are familiar with all kinds of industrial shelving systems and brands, so we can install it properly and efficiently. From simple single tier systems to multi-level catwalk or mezzanine systems, we can help. We can also help, if you have an existing shelving system that you need to tear down or relocate.

High Bay Shelving

Automated Storage & Retrieval System Installation

We have been installing various types of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, (ASRS), for more than 20 years. Our installation teams are experienced with Vertical Lift Modules, (VLM’s), Vertical Carousels, Horizontal Carousels, Mini-load, and Pallet Load systems.

We understand the precise tolerances required for automated systems and can provide the process controls and workmanship necessary to meet those tolerances. The integration of electrical and mechanical systems adds a degree of complexity and therefore a need for experienced technicians, such as ours. Our project management people will provide a single point of contact with ongoing communication to ensure the work is performed on time and on budget.


Dock Equipment Installation

Whether you are planning new construction or upgrading an existing facility, we can supply and install and types of dock equipment such as; dock levelers, truck restraints, door seals, truck shelters, overhead doors, high speed doors, and dock accessories such as dock bumpers, dock lights, bollards, and barrier systems.

If you are upgrading your existing facility, we will provide a turnkey solution including the removal and disposal of existing equipment, concrete work, electrical work, as well as the supply and installation of the new equipment.

High Speed Roll-Up Door
Overhead Doors

How can we help with your installation?

Whether you require installation of pallet racking, mezzanines, shelving, automated storage or docking equipment, we can help. 

cam|industrial provides complete turnkey solutions that always keep safety at the forefront. If you’re just starting your project or are in the finishing stages, we can provide engineering and design, racking permits, material supply, project management, installation, preventative maintenance, pallet racking inspections, and racking repairs. Email us with your requirements today to get the conversation started.