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Relocation: Make it a Smart Move

Moving your pallet racking is a major initiative. Did you know, for example, that it requires a building permit? Even if you’re moving your racks to a new location and plan to install them the same way, you’ll need a permit. There are a number of other important considerations if you’re planning to relocate.

We’re here to help and offer smart solutions. Start by talking to our engineers about whether you should re-use your existing pallet racking or buy new. If you’re buying new, let us talk to you about the latest systems and brands. If you haven’t already signed a lease, we can help ensure your next facility is the best fit for your business.

We can relocate any existing system, reconfiguring it as required. If you have an upcoming warehouse move, we can tear down your existing racking, bundle, ship and reinstall it at your new location. Our project managers can also help coordinate the logistics of the move and manage the permitting process for you as required.

Our Field Services teams are skilled operators of material handling equipment. They’re hard-working, efficient, COR-trained crews that understand safety as well as how to leave the facility in great condition for the landlord (usually a time-consuming requirement).

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Tear down Services: Safe and Efficient

We can help safely and efficiently dismantle any pallet racking system, bundle it and transport it to the new warehouse without incident. If you’re not going to need all of it – and it’s in good condition — we sometimes buy used racking from our clients for re-sale.

Disposal: Part of Our Turnkey Solution

When it comes to disposing of used pallet racking, safety and efficiency are our priorities. We’ll give you peace-of-mind, knowing the job is being handled by professionals. At Cam Industrial, we pride ourselves on delivering smart, safe, cost-effective relocation solutions that positively impact your business.


From start to finish, we can help with your pallet tear down, relocation & disposal.

Whether you require a new pallet racking system or are adding to existing racking, we can help. 

cam|industrial provides complete turnkey solutions that always keep pallet rack safety at the forefront. If you’re just starting your project or are in the finishing stages, we can provide engineering and design, racking permits, material supply, project management, installation, preventative maintenance, pallet racking inspections, and racking repairs. Email us with your requirements today to get the conversation started.

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