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Turning used cardboard into cost effective Shipping material

One of the word’s largest privately owned Construction & Forestry equipment dealer was looking for a solution to their cardboard waste problem. In their facility they are constantly dealing with incoming and outgoing packages and need to dispose of old carboard boxes and prepare new cardboard boxes for shipment. The Warehouse Manager in the Calgary location noticed their spend on packing supplies was increasing and was looking for a solution to decrease costs.

During a site walk through, cam|industrial noticed they were breaking down their used cardboard boxes and putting them in the recycling bin. This is a time consuming, laborious process that quickly filled up their recycling bins and took an employee too much time to complete.

cam|industrial suggested a Cardboard Perforator as much more sustainable and economical solution to turn their cardboard waste into reusable material. Instead of breaking down the boxes, they could simply flatten them and put them through the shredder, tape and staples included. The now perforated cardboard could be reused as packing and void-fill materials for their outgoing shipments.

cam|industrial was able to order and deliver a cardboard shredder in their Calgary facility and noticed immediate results.

This customer now has a sustainable solution for their packing materials, thus saving them money on packing materials, reducing waste and recycling fees. The Cardboard Perforator paid for itself in 6 months. 

Packing SUPPLIES Savings Per year: $7,200
cardboard Bin removal savings per year: $6,375
overall savings per year: $13,575

We are happy with the ease of use and efficiency that the cardboard perforator provides. The cost and time savings are beyond what we expected. In addition to the savings and sustainability, the perforated cardboard is a much better packing material than both bubble wrap and packing paper. The Team at Cam | Industrial is invested in our success, not just trying to make a sale or push a product. Thanks Steve and the team at Cam!

Jake McInnis | Warehouse Manager

HSM ProfiPack P425

Cutting Capacity | 2-3 layers of cardboard

Cutting Speed | 39.3 ft/m

Dimensions | 40.9″ x 30.3″ x 22.4″ 

Machine Weight | 410 lbs 

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