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Edmonton, Alberta | Field Services Team

about the opportunity

We are looking for reliable, client focused, mechanically inclined Installers for various industrial projects within the Calgary and Edmonton area. You would be responsible for laying out and installation of structural steel, Decking and Resin Decking in order to build metal structures. Welding and cutting steel, as well as interpret blueprints.


  • Erect steel
  • Direct operation of cranes to move structural steel, and other materials onto and around the construction site.
  • Connect steel columns, beams
  • Drill holes if needed into steel for bolts.
  • Number steel according to assembly instructions.
  • Unload and stack steel.
  • Rigging of steel
  • Hoist steel into place in the framework.
  • Position steel with connecting bars and spud wrenches.
  • Work with spud wrenches and bull pins to align the holes in the steel with the framework holes.
  • levels, and laser equipment to check alignment.
  • Bolt or weld piece into place.
  • Install stairs, handrails, and Kick Plates
  • Make sure all pieces are fitted properly and complete repairs as necessary.

Skills & Qualifications

Workers will be cutting, welding, and installing pieces of metal to erect structures of all types while working within a collaborative team environment and adhering to all safety standards. Workers who display the following skills and abilities are highly desired by employers:

  • Physical fitness – iron workers work in hazardous conditions, and sometimes from great heights on aerial lifts, which requires good physical fitness
  • Communication skills – iron workers use words and hand signals when working with other crew members, which requires good communication skills
  • Mathematics – because iron workers make calculations and measure materials, good math skills are essential to this job
  • Attention to detail – since one mistake in erecting metal structures can lead to Mezzanines that are unsound and unsafe, workers use extreme attention to detail with every task they perform
  • Analytical thinking – workers read blueprints and building schematics and design the specified elements to build the structures depicted on paper, which requires strong analytical skills

Tools of the trade

  • Hand tools (wrenches, hammers, levels)
  • Power tools (Hammer drills, Impacts and Torque wrenches)
  • Measuring tools (measuring tape, chalk lines)
  • Welding tools (torches, face shields, aprons)
  • Lasers for Elevations and aliment

Skills & abilities

Successful ironworkers enjoy developing their expertise by doing precise work in a broad range of industries and locations. They enjoy the outdoors and often like travelling and working with different crews.

to be successful in their trade, workers need:

  • the ability to interpret blueprints
  • an understanding of safe work practices and the knowledge to safely operate the tools of the trade
  • to be able to work at heights
  • the ability to lift in excess of 25 kilograms
  • very good muscular coordination, agility and balance
  • a willingness to travel to various work sites
  • an inclination to work cooperatively with others
  • the ability to act quickly and decisively in emergencies

Required Tickets

  • Fall Protection
  • Elevated Work Platform (EWP) License
  • Telehandler
  • Forklift 
  • Welding Tickets (CWB)

Salary & Additional Pay

  • $25.00 – $30.00 per hour
  • Overtime Pay


About cam | industrial

Our customer base is very diverse; from small to very large multi-national corporations stemming from a wide variety of industries. Our focus is helping industrial consumers increase productivity, reduce operating costs, and increase revenue; thereby improving their profitability. We offer our customers solutions through industrial equipment, such as pallet racking, industrial mezzanines, industrial docks & doors, industrial robotics, as well as a large inventory of industrial supplies.

We are located in the Foothills Industrial area in SE Calgary. Free parking is available.

cam|industrial is an equal opportunity employer. We would like to thank all applicants for their interest in our posting, but we will only be contacting those we wish to interview.