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Expert in-house professionals ready to assist you at every stage of your pallet racking project.

At Cam Industrial, we utilize a collaborative approach to support your project from start to finish. We begin by helping you identify your storage needs, then work together on all aspects of the pallet racking project, including Design, Engineering, Project Management, Inventory, Permitting, and Installation

Once the racking has been installed, we can support your facility with ongoing Inspection, Maintenance, and RepairWhether you are starting a new facility, relocating, reconfiguring, or repairing an existing operation, we will ensure your storage solution meets your needs, optimizes space, and complies with all necessary regulations.

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Find out the most common types of pallet racks here and see how they compare in terms of investment, storage density, and picking selectivity. Combine storage options to best meet your inventory and throughput needs.

Components - For Building Your Racking

Pallet Racking Components

You can find every racking component and accessory needed to build a complete and safe pallet rack system, or add to an existing system, right here. From frames, to step beams, safety components like wire mesh decks & much more. Click below to view all.

Complete Range of Services for Pallet Racks

Our comprehensive range of services for structural steel rack systems includes installation, design, engineering, disassembly, relocation, and more. We are dedicated to fulfilling the requirements of each stage, ensuring the development of a strong steel framework that effectively aligns with your storage objectives and core business requirements.

Our designers translate your business needs into detailed drawings of storage racks that meet those needs, while our engineering team ensures the system is capable and compliant with all relevant codes & standards.

Our team of in-house field service professionals has installed some of the largest and most complex racking projects across Canada and applies that same expertise and enthusiasm to small projects, repairs, and reconfigurations. 

We can relocate any existing system, reconfiguring it as required. If you have an upcoming warehouse move, we can tear down your existing racking, bundle, ship, and reinstall it at your new location.

Pallet Racking Options and Brand Verification

Explore Our Range of Options: Whether you’re installing new racking or working with used or existing systems, we provide a variety of solutions to meet your needs. Understanding these considerations is vital for ensuring not only immediate functionality but also future scalability.

Find upcoming and available used racking in our inventory. We ensure damaged materials are removed when dismantling racking in the field, however, always inspect conditions for suitability with an engineer prior to purchasing. 

Choose between two distinguished steel types, each defined by the quality of steel used. Discover the efficiency of roll-formed racking, crafted from lightweight cold rolled steel. Or strengthen your storage with structural racking, engineered from heavy gauge hot rolled steel.

Let us help you identify your racking brand. Different manufacturers offer unique designs and perforation patterns. Knowing your current brand is key for obtaining fitting replacement parts or extra racking components easily.

Comprehensive Resources on Pallet Racking

Check out our blogs and FAQs to learn more about pallet racking best practices no matter your industry. Get expert advice on storage racking design, safety, regulations, engineering, inspections, preventative maintenance and more. 

Get answers for key racking questions like What is the most widely used pallet racking system? Or Do I need an annual rack inspection? 

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Check out our blogs and FAQs to learn more about warehouse best practices no matter your industry. Get expert advice on racking design, safety, regulations, engineering, inspections, preventative maintenance and more. 

Explore Our YouTube Channel Playlist showcasing Major Storage Racking Projects we’ve done across Canada. Whether you’re an industrial business owner or an enthusiast, we’re here to discuss storage options that align with your objectives.

Optimize your storage space, improve inventory management, and increase productivity.

From 1979 Cam Industrial has been providing warehouse storage and equipment solutions across Canada. Our clients trust and rely on our full-service teams to deliver Smart, Innovative, and Impactful projects on time and on budget. Our commitment to quality, service, and value has always been our passion and path for progress. 

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