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Industrial Air Curtains

An air curtain is used to form an engineered wall of air to separate areas of pressure or temperature differential. Acting as an unseen barrier between outside air and the inside environment, the forced wall of air seals itself to regulate temperatures and cleanliness between two areas. Air curtains take warm air from above and recirculate it with cold air below, maintaining temperatures to save on your heating costs, keep your employees comfortable and your space free of debris.

Air curtains provide a safe, low maintenance, cost saving solution for shipping areas, loading docks, warehouse, storage facilities, food processing and freezer areas. 

  • Seal out cold air
  • Seal in air conditioning
  • Reduce humidity and ice buildup in freezers
  • Repels insects
  • Keeps area dust and fume free
  • Saves energy by regulating temperatures

do you need to regulate temperatures and keep areas clean?

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