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Air curtains

Industrial Air Curtains

An air curtain is used to form an engineered wall of air to separate areas of pressure or temperature differential. Acting as an unseen barrier between outside air and the inside environment, the forced wall of air seals itself to regulate temperatures and cleanliness between two areas. Air curtains take warm air from above and recirculate it with cold air below, maintaining temperatures to save on your heating costs, keep your employees comfortable and your space free of debris.

Air curtains provide a safe, low maintenance, cost saving solution for shipping areas, loading docks, warehouse, storage facilities, food processing and freezer areas. 

  • Seal out cold air
  • Seal in air conditioning
  • Reduce humidity and ice buildup in freezers
  • Repels insects
  • Keeps area dust and fume free
  • Saves energy by regulating temperatures

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Types of Air Curtains

Standard Air Curtains:

These are the basic air curtain models used in industrial settings. They provide a continuous airflow across a doorway or opening, creating a barrier between two environments.

High-Velocity Air Curtains:

High-velocity air curtains generate a powerful airstream to effectively prevent the infiltration of outdoor air, dust, and insects. They are often used in environments with high traffic or large temperature differentials.

Low-Profile Air Curtains:

Low-profile air curtains are designed to have a compact size and sleek appearance. They are typically used in spaces with limited headroom or aesthetic considerations.

Industrial Roll-Up Air Curtains:

These air curtains are installed in conjunction with roll-up doors. They retract or roll up when the door is opened, allowing unimpeded access, and deploy to create an air barrier when the door is closed.

Heated Air Curtains:

Heated air curtains incorporate a heating element to supply warm air in addition to creating an air barrier. They are often used in cold climates or in applications where temperature control is critical.

Cold Storage Air Curtains:

Cold storage air curtains are specifically designed for use in refrigerated or freezer environments. They prevent the entry of warm air, maintain temperature differentials, and minimize energy loss.

Explosion-Proof Air Curtains:

These air curtains are built with specialized components and construction materials to prevent the ignition of flammable substances or gases, making them suitable for hazardous industrial environments.

Cleanroom Air Curtains:

Cleanroom air curtains are designed to meet the stringent requirements of cleanroom environments. They provide an effective barrier while minimizing the introduction of particles, contaminants, or air turbulence.


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