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Accessories for Improved Safety and Functionality of your Loading Dock

There are a variety of options available to increase safety at your loading docks. We have lighting, truck restraints, air curtains, dock plates, bumpers, and traffic systems, with the expertise to install and maintain. 

Nordock ATL Vehicle Restraint
Nordock Smart Hook

Vehicle Restraints

A Vehicle Restraint mechanically connects the trailer to ensure it can’t pull or creep away from the building during the loading process. There are several methods of operation inclusive of mechanical, hydraulic and electrically driven, with each having its benefits. A Vehicle Restraint System creates a safe loading dock for both dock attendants and truck drivers. 

Interior Dock Lights

Interior Dock Lights

Interior dock lights provide additional light inside a trailer to increase visibility and safety in loading and unloading areas. There are a variety of styles to choose from such as rigid arm or flexible arm, please call us or email us to see what best fits with your application.

Interior-Exterior Dock Lights
Nordock Communication Lights

Interior / Exterior Stop Go Lights

Red and green communication lights flash when a trailer is locked into place by the vehicle restraints, letting the driver know they’re safely docked.  By integrating stop and go lights into your loading dock system, you create a safe, effective and integrated loading area. 

Dock Plate

Dock Plates & Boards

Dock plates and boards work together to improve safety and functionality of your loading docks and act as skid resistant tread for your deck. Manufactured with beveled edges allows access from either end of the deck, and steel legs mount between dock and truck to prevent movement when in use. The high tensile aluminum alloy construction is tough with no welds to break.

dock bumpers1

Dock Bumpers

Dock bumpers are used to protect the building from trailers backing into the dock, allowing for increased security and protection around your loading dock.

security gate-web

Security Gates

Security gates can be added to your overhead doors to allow airflow in the building while keeping your warehouse secure.

Advantages | Safety, Compliance & Efficiency

Damage Prevention: Dock accessories can help prevent damage to goods, equipment, and infrastructure. For instance, dock bumpers absorb the impact between trucks and the loading dock, reducing the risk of damage to both. By minimizing the chances of collisions or accidental impacts, dock accessories protect the integrity of the warehouse structure and the goods being handled.

Regulatory Compliance: Properly installed dock accessories ensure compliance with safety regulations and standards. Adhering to safety guidelines and incorporating necessary dock accessories helps warehouse businesses meet legal requirements and maintain a safe working environment. Compliance with safety regulations not only protects workers from accidents but also avoids potential fines or penalties associated with non-compliance.

Enhanced Safety: Dock accessories such as dock bumpers, safety barriers, wheel chocks, and traffic signals play a critical role in improving safety at loading docks. Dock bumpers protect the dock and trucks from impact damage during loading and unloading operations. Safety barriers provide physical barriers to prevent falls or accidents near the dock edges. Wheel chocks ensure that trucks remain stationary during loading and unloading, preventing accidents caused by unexpected vehicle movement. Traffic signals help regulate the movement of vehicles, ensuring safe and organized operations at the loading dock.

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