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A bridge between your dock and trucks

Your dock levelers must be properly specified and fitted to ensure a smooth and safe transition from your warehouse floor to the truck bed. Thus, reducing the impact on your lift equipment and people. The length of the deck and lip will depend on the height differential between the truck bed and the warehouse floor. The required capacity of your dock leveler will depend on load weights, loading equipment style, and goods weight as well as traffic volume over the dock.

Many factors affect which product best suits a facility’s needs. Some of these include the equipment activation, deck size, structural weight capacity, lip length and forklift traffic cycle. To ensure you achieve the lowest lifetime cost of ownership, all loading dock equipment must be installed correctly. Call your cam|industrial representative for a complete in-depth review of your logistic needs and to provide the best solution.

Nordock Mechanical Industrial Series png 300px

Mechanical Dock Levelers

This dock is designed for manual pull chain operation while providing a strong bridge at a lower initial cost. 

Nordock Super Duty

hydraulic dock levelers

Hydraulic docks are activated with a simple push-button control which can be interfaced with other dock equipment such as vehicle restraints, overhead doors or blower systems.

Nordock Vertical

Vertical storing dock levelers

Vertical Storing Dock Levelers are more suitable for cold storage applications where a premium building seal is required to provide the best environmental separation in the facility, as well as helping prevent pest infestation.


Air Activated Dock Levelers

Air activation is another method, providing simple user operation. The self-contained system uses ambient air to inflate the reinforced vinyl bag and raise the leveler. Clean, simple and environmentally friendly.

Nordock Edge of Dock EFH-60 Raised

Edge-Of-Dock Levelers

Edge-Of-Dock Levelers are suitable for loading dock applications that do not have a concrete pit, but still require a bridge to safely transition to the truck bed. EOD’s are mounted on the exterior face of the loading dock wall. Although a lower initial cost they do have limitations for service range & capacity. Manual and hydraulic options available.

Load Hog

Load Hog

Another option for warehouses that require a bridge to the trailer and do not have a pit to accommodate a regular dock leveler.


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