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Protection & Energy Conservation for Your Loading Dock

Dock seals and truck shelters provide an effective barrier from hot and cold temperatures, wind, rain, snow, dust and fumes. Dock seal provides a tight seal with high-density memory foam side pads with wear pleats for added life of the seal. The curtain style header is suitable for doors that are higher than the trailers service. The size, type and design of your loading dock, overhead door and trucks will determine the most effective type of shelter or seal to use.

Dock Seal

Dock Seals

Dock seals provide a tight seal with memory foam side pads and a curtain style header, suitable for doors that are higher than the trailers.


Retractable Frame Shelters

Retractable shelters are built to withstand impact when hit by a trailer, preventing damage to shelter and dock walls.

Inflatable Dock Shelter

Inflatable Shelters

Inflatable shelters create a tight seal on the top and sides of a trailer to keep out inclement weather. Flexible and convenient, the coated fabric airbags provide an energy-efficient seal around trailers and the dock.


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