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ABB FlexBuffer – Transforming Drug Dispensing at Shanghai Seventh People’s Hospital

By automating a busy pharmacy department, the hospital has been able to develop a cost-effective method to deliver life-saving drugs, increase drug safety and create a more rewarding environment for its human workers.

Source: Success story | Baden, Switzerland, February 2020 | 

Robots revolutionize drug dispensing at Shanghai Seventh People’s Hospital

The Challenge

The hospital sought a solution to streamline pharmacy operations and enhance drug dispensing safety within its inpatient department.

The Solution

To address this challenge, the hospital implemented a sophisticated robot pharmacy automation system. This advanced system featured a Robot Mini Load (RML) in synchronization with a 3D bin picking automation system. The primary objective was to efficiently store, retrieve, pick up, and sort medicines according to prescribed orders. Unlike manual involvement that could potentially introduce errors, the automated system offered unparalleled accuracy, significantly improving the safety and efficacy of the drug dispensing process.

The Application

The hospital successfully deployed the RML and bin picking intralogistics operation to facilitate seamless picking and placement of medicines. Complementing this setup, state-of-the-art 3D vision system and machine learning technologies were incorporated, empowering the robot to continually refine its performance over time. This dynamic combination of automation and intelligent features ensured a cutting-edge drug dispensing method, fostering a safer and more efficient healthcare environment.

Automating drug dispensing at Seventh People’s Hospital, China

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