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Lift with ease using the combined power of an extendable grip with reliable hoisting mechanism

Our hoists and gripping tools are equipped with vacuum grippers designed for utmost reliability, minimal effort, and maximum accuracy when lifting large sheets of glass, metal, wood, or laminate singlehandedly, enhancing operator dexterity and steadiness during hoisting. 


  • Efficiency: Effortless lifting of heavy loads with minimal manual effort 
  • Reliable: Precision and accuracy in handling large and heavy materials 
  • Single Hand Use: Easy one-handed operation for improved operator dexterity and efficiency 
  • Versatile: Has extendable grip with hoisting mechanism for added flexibility in material handling tasks 
  • Safety: Reduced risk of workplace accidents and injuries due to improved lifting techniques and technology 

Types of Hoists & Gripping Tools

Our team is here to help you choose the most suitable lifting equipment for your specific business requirements. We would be more than happy to provide further guidance and support. 
  • Chain hoist – For loads <1600 kg. 
  • Wire hoist – For loads <120 kg. 

Let us help with your material lifting requirements

If you’re unsure which type of lifting equipment is best suited for your application, we can help you choose the best and safest solution for your warehouse. Email us today to get the conversation started.