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Pallet Rack Guarding

Pallet Rack Guarding Installed

Maintain the structural integrity of your pallet racking system by installing pallet rack guarding for protection and safety in your warehouse. Depending on potential impact force and frequency, you may prefer rigid or flexible guard rails for your pallet racking.

Rigid guard rails offer higher impact resistance and is more economical but can cause more damage to the impactor.

Flexible guard rails offer a higher long-term return on investment due to their resilience in high traffic and high impact areas. The bounce back style of guarding bends upon impact and then flexes back to shape, resulting in less damage to your lifting equipment.

Lift-Out guard rails are another option to allow for easier access to your product or equipment being stored. The posts remain in place, but the rails can be lifted to allow entrance for maintenance or better forklift access.

Consideration for your facility, application, and amount of traffic will best determine the style of pallet rack guarding that is right for you.

Advantages of Guards

  1. Enhanced Safety: Pallet rack guards provide an additional layer of protection for racks, preventing damage and potential accidents caused by forklift collisions, pallet impacts, or other forms of warehouse traffic. By acting as a barrier between the rack and potential hazards, pallet rack guards help minimize the risk of injuries to personnel and damage to inventory.

  2. Protection of Assets: By shielding pallet racks from impacts and collisions, rack guards help preserve the structural integrity of the racks themselves, as well as the inventory stored on them. This protection extends the lifespan of the racks and reduces the likelihood of costly repairs or replacements due to damage caused by accidents.

  3. Improved Organization and Efficiency: Pallet rack guards can serve as visual markers or guides for warehouse personnel, helping to define aisles, pathways, and designated storage areas. By clearly delineating spaces and preventing unauthorized access to certain areas, rack guards contribute to improved organization, workflow, and overall efficiency within the facility.

  4. Regulatory Compliance: Implementing pallet rack guards can aid in compliance with safety regulations and industry standards governing warehouse operations. By proactively addressing potential hazards and mitigating risks associated with rack storage systems, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to workplace safety and ensure adherence to applicable regulatory requirements.

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Asset Protection

Warehouses are designed to maximize storage density, resulting in designers minimizing aisle widths to gain pallet positions. At the same time, forklift drivers are trying to meet schedules, deadlines, and productivity targets. Despite forklifts drivers doing their very best to be safe, forklifts are large, heavy, and very unforgiving when it comes to pallet racking.

The reality is that collisions with the racking structure are virtually inevitable. Damaged components should be unloaded and inspected by a qualified person before being put back into service, temporarily reducing storage capacity. If you need to replace or repair components, it can be a time consuming and expensive proposition. For these reasons, it makes good business sense to protect your assets


A single small impact to an end-frame should not cause a collapse in a properly designed racking structure. Engineers design racking end-frames with safety factors and to absorb minor impact, however all damages will reduce the capacity of the frame. A single substantial impact accumulated smaller damages to the same frame, or multiple damaged frames in the same system, could render the system unstable and vulnerable to collapse.


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