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Moving Your Pallet Racking

Warehouse Move? You'll Need a Permit

cam|industrial can help you through the process of acquiring a permit. In Canada, it’s required, even if you have an existing pallet rack system and are moving it to a new location with the intent to install it in the exact same way. While there are some differences based on jurisdiction, generally speaking, municipalities require an approved building permit before you install pallet racking at your new location.

Why do you need a permit

When you’re changing locations, the building permit is a way to confirm that your pallet racking installation conforms to OHS code and CSA regulations, is safe, and is designed appropriately for its new location.  Whether you’re moving the racking to a new facility or to a new location inside the same facility, a building permit will confirm:

  • The system is designed to support the contents you’ll be storing on it
  • The foundation is adequate for the system load
  • Your design meets the requirements for fire code and egress
  • Your pallet racking is installed correctly and safe

You should know

Every municipality will have their own requirements and process; however a building permit usually requires 2-4 weeks for approval (assuming your application was complete an accurate.)  If the system is not properly designed or installed to meet OHS Code, you will need to correct any deficiencies before it can be used. Give us a call if you need help and check with your municipality to see what’s required.  In general, you should keep these things in mind:

  • Business owners are responsible for the safety of their pallet racking. A building permit will help you meet code requirements for a safe system.
  • An application that is incomplete, or includes a design that isn’t to code, will need to be corrected, resubmitted, and often goes to the bottom of the line.
  • You will require an engineer to review and stamp parts of your application, including: the final design, confirmation of foundation (slab) capacity, and fire suppression and egress design.
  • An approved permit means you can install your system; however, an engineer and the municipality will need to inspect it before it can be loaded.

To view the full list of steps to take to get your permit, check out our Everything You Need to Know About Pallet Racking Permits article.

Moving pallet racking without a permit

Before your occupancy permit will be granted, a city inspector will be dispatched to review your facility and the permits for any work that was done, including your racking system. If you are not able to produce an approved permit, you could face delays in occupancy, use of the system, and be subject to a fine.

Also keep in mind that not following code requirements can impact your insurance. Insurance companies may not extend coverage, or approve a claim, without evidence that the system meets code.

Owners are legally responsible for the safety of their facilities, and the proper design, permitting, and installation of your pallet racking help you create a safer environment for your customers and employees.

cam|industrial has assisted companies with their permitting process in many municipalities across Canada and we look forward to helping yours.


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