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A fully modular cell houses a central robot that accesses surrounding racks to efficiently buffer, sequence, and store goods, utilizing intelligent software.

Introducing the ABB FlexBuffer

An automated and multipurpose material handling system that provides a turnkey solution for buffering, storing and sequencing.


  • Buffering of totes:

    Effectively buffers totes by providing temporary storage for products before they proceed to the outbound area for additional packaging or palletizing.

  • Storage & Retrieval of totes:

    Intelligently allocates and places totes to optimize storage space and ensure effortless retrieval. 

  • Sequencing of totes:

    Efficient sequencing of products through a methodical arrangement, tailored to specific delivery routes or order fulfillment sequences, ensuring seamless deliveries.

Offering 2 FlexBuffer Models: Customization by Product Line

FlexBuffer – For Standard Totes:

  • Handles: Standard single-totes only
  • Standard Tote Dimensions: 600 x 400 x 350 mm 
  • Storage: Up to 600 storage locations
  • Payload capacity:  50 kg

FlexBuffer – For Mixed Items:

  • Handles: Cuboid items – Cartons, totes, crates, bins, parcels
  • Cuboid Dimensions: Between 150 x 100 x 50 mm to 1200 x 600 x 500 mm

A Complete Turnkey System

The Offering – 6-in-1 Solution

  1. Robot
    • Includes the ‘Raiser’ from the Articulated robot series IRB 6700
    • Payload capacity: 150 kilogram payload
    • Reach: 3.2 meter with ability to reach all the totes
    • Robot options, dress pack
  2. Gripper
    • Holds up to two totes
    • Reliable clamping mechanism
  3. Racking
    • Max capacity with fifteen pairs of double deep racking
    • Preconfigured modular racking
    • Stores 2 totes per row
  4. Peripherals
    • Two Conveyors – Infeed & Outfeed – directly connected to the system controlled by the software
    • Controller for peripherals
  5. Software
    • Controller for storage management ‘FlexBuffer Control System’
    • Comes with ‘Rapid Robot’ & ‘Industrial PC’ software 
  6. Safety
    • System access doors (2)
    • Rack fencing
    • Safety Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

How the System Works:


The inbound conveyor feeds goods to the centralized robot, which then follows received instructions to store them.


The robot stores the goods in specific rack positions in accordance with the given system commands.


In response to commands, the robot promptly retrieves the requested goods and efficiently transfers them to the designated outfeed conveyor.

The Five Configurations – Two Mixed Models and Three Standard Totes Models



Adjustable Gripper for Diverse Sizes

The robot’s advanced dexterity enables efficient storage and retrieval of various items in tight and restricted spaces. This versatility allows for effective handling of a diverse range of products.


Small Footprint for Easy Integration:

With its compact size, the robot can seamlessly integrate into existing infrastructures without significant modifications. This feature also facilitates scalable deployments in pre-existing environments, reducing setup time and costs.


Reliability and Low Maintenance:

As the sole moving system within the solution, the robot boasts exceptional reliability. Its simplicity leads to minimal maintenance requirements compared to traditional systems, ensuring consistent performance and reduced downtime.


Customer-Centric Solution with Integrated Hardware & Software:

The solution provided by ABB is tailored to meet customer needs. It combines seamlessly integrated hardware and software, resulting in a cohesive and efficient system. Its modular design enables handling a wide variety of items, including cases, cartons, totes, and trays, all with a single, unified system. This streamlines operations and optimizes the overall workflow.

FlexBuffer Sweet Spot

The FlexBuffer provides a reduced footprint and highly efficient alternative to large scale and capital-intensive Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems. The compact footprint of the Flexbuffer yields medium to high throughput rates, enhanced flexibility, and quick deployment. This makes them an easy and affordable choice for buffering, sequencing, and storage / retrieval automation.

Flexbuffer offers a relatively simple installation and is a great solution for brownfield facilities with lower ceilings and imperfect floors. Once deployed, it can be quickly reconfigured to adapt to changing requirements.


  • Ceiling height required: 3.7 – 5.5m (12-18ft)
  • Footprint: 30-70 sq.m (315 – 750 sq ft.)
  • Order to operating time: < 3 Months
  • High reliability: with few moving parts & ABB Robotics
  • Cycle Performance: Moderate to High 
  • Easy integration: with a flexible WCS

The ‘FlexBuffer Software’ & ‘FlexBuffer Control System’

Experience the reliability and visibility brought by this software, equipped with essential features that empower you to monitor and manage your business effectively.  

  1. Storage & Retrieval Management 
  2. User Interface 
  3. Integration 
  4. Software 

ABB FlexBuffer - Success Story

The ABB FlexBuffer™ brings new levels of flexibility for a wide range of logistics, food and beverage, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, restaurants and retail applications. 


Take a look at this case study for the Shanghai Seventh People’s Hospital. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, ABB FlexBuffer is user-friendly and comes with intuitive controls for efficient operation. Minimal training is required for personnel to manage and monitor the system effectively.

For any further inquiries or specific requirements related to ABB FlexBuffer, please feel free to contact our expert team. We are dedicated to providing the best storage and buffering solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

ABB FlexBuffer has a relatively low footprint requirement (compared to other automation systems), maximizing floor space utilization. Its compact design allows for efficient space utilization, ensuring that your facility can make the most of available square footage while still benefiting from its automated buffering and storage capabilities.

ABB FlexBuffer is designed for low-maintenance operation. Regular inspection and preventative maintenance ensure smooth functioning and extend the system’s lifespan.

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Contact us today to learn more about our financing options and how we can assist you in obtaining the ABB FlexBuffer to revolutionize your production processes and drive your business forward.

 Yes, ABB FlexBuffer offers customization options to tailor the system to individual production needs, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

The initial investment costs for ABB FlexBuffer are determined based on several factors, such as system size, configuration, and additional customization requirements. While there is an upfront investment, it is essential to consider the significant long-term benefits in terms of increased efficiency, reduced production downtime, and improved material flow. Click here to contact us and learn more. 


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