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EsD Storage

Electronic Industries around the world trust in the Hanel Rotomat® ESD carousel to handle, protect and store sensitive Electronic Component Reels in warehouses and production floors. Rotomat®  ESD storage carousel work counter and multifunction carriers are treated with antistatic coating and its mechanical components with a special ESD design protecting sensitive electronics against electrostatic discharge.

For continuous inventory control, Pick and Pull operations can be optimized by using a barcode scanner for better inventory control. If electronics need an air-controlled environment, this system can be configured with Hanel ClimateStore® or Hanel CleanStore®.

SMT Reel Storage

Hanel CleanStore®

This principle is based on a robust double-wall technology combined with filter systems to maintain impeccable conditions for your items. This is popular in sectors where high levels of air cleanliness is necessary for production, such as in semi-conductor or medical engineering.

Hanel ClimateStore®

The Hanel ClimateStore® where temperature storage should be kept at a constant temperature. Both systems are flexible, can be free-standing and operate as stand-alone solutions, or be integrated into existing room with air-controlled environments. 

Hanel EcoLoad®

The Ecoload® system Helps operators by providing them with loading recommendations via the control terminal. Well-balanced loads on all of the carriers throughout the entire storage system reduce energy consumption considerably.

The Hänel microprocessor controller – in conjunction with Hänel EcoLoad® tells system operators how stored items can be optimally distributed across the various carriers. This also makes sure that payloads are kept in balance when systems are in operation.



Rotomat® Carousel




Increase floor space, inventory accuracy & productivity.

With a flexible design approach and a wide range solutions available, we can tailor a system to suit your application. We also provide engineering & design, training, parts, inspections and preventative maintenance scheduling and 24-hour assistance.